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Autoclave Consumables Available direct from Priorclave is a comprehensive selection of competitively priced consumables all designed to help you maintain your steam steriliser in tip top condition and ensure perfect operation. 07/11/2014
Biomaster Anti-Microbial Finish Priorclave has incorporated Biomaster Protection into the exterior epoxy coating, a highly effective and permanent treatment for control of harmful bacteria, making any surface cleaner, more hygienic and providing durable lifelong protection against the threat of cross contamination. 30/04/2014
Conditions of Sale Priorclave Conditions of Sale 19/02/2014
Priorclave Autoclave Brochure Priorclave Autoclave Brochure 04/11/2014
Product Life Expectancy Statement Product Life Expectancy Statement 01/08/2014
Tactrol 2 Data Download Sample Tactrol 2 Data Download Sample 04/11/2014
Typical Autoclave Cycle Typical Autoclave Cycle 01/08/2014
Warning Indicators and Fault Codes On the control panel there are a series of ‘hidden until active’ warning indicators. Some of these indicators will appear in conjunction with a fault code in the temperature display. The meaning of these warnings, why they appear, and what to do when they appear are detailed here. 03/04/2019
Where to find us Map and location details 21/02/2014

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