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Service & Warranty Packages Info All Priorclave autoclaves carry one of the most supportive Service and Warranty agreements available - made possible due to quality precision build standards combined with using the very best components to create the most reliable and efficient steam sterilisers. 07/01/2015
Service Area Map Detailed Service Area Map 19/02/2014
Service Checklist Preventative Maintenance Checklist 22/06/2017
Tactrol USB Interface Socket The Tactrol USB interface socket is intended to allow the Autoclave user to easily download the Priorclave Tactrol Configuration (ptc) file and logged data for back-up and offering to Priorclave technical support for fault evaluation. 26/07/2017
Warning Indicators and Fault Codes On the control panel there are a series of ‘hidden until active’ warning indicators. Some of these indicators will appear in conjunction with a fault code in the temperature display. The meaning of these warnings, why they appear, and what to do when they appear are detailed here. 03/04/2019

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