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Service & Warranty Packages Info All Priorclave autoclaves carry one of the most supportive Service and Warranty agreements available - made possible due to quality precision build standards combined with using the very best components to create the most reliable and efficient steam sterilisers. 07/01/2015
Service Area Map Detailed Service Area Map 19/02/2014
Service Checklist Preventative Maintenance Checklist 22/06/2017
Tactrol 2 USB Interface Socket The Tactrol USB interface socket is intended to allow the Autoclave user to easily download the Priorclave Tactrol Configuration (ptc) file and logged data for back-up and offering to Priorclave technical support for fault evaluation. These instructions relate to the Tactrol 2 Control System 23/04/2019
Warning Indicators and Fault Codes On the control panel there are a series of ‘hidden until active’ warning indicators. Some of these indicators will appear in conjunction with a fault code in the temperature display. The meaning of these warnings, why they appear, and what to do when they appear are detailed here. 03/04/2019

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