• Benchtop Autoclaves

    front loading with circular chambers
    40 – 60 litres

    All the features of a modern Laboratory Autoclave in a compact bench mounted format.

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  • Front Loading Autoclaves

    with circular chambers
    100 – 320 litres

    The Priorclave QCS range is one of the most versatile and cost efficient Laboratory Autoclaves available today.

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  • RSC Autoclaves

    with rectangular chambers
    230 – 700 litres

    Developed for laboratories undertaking high-throughput sterilising procedures or handling extra bulky items.

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  • Top Loading Autoclaves

    with circular chambers
    60 – 200 litres

    Ideal where space is at a premium and high yield is required.

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  • Double Door Autoclaves

    with circular or rectangular chambers
    150 – 700 litres

    Interlocked doors at each end provide a sterile path in and out of sealed laboratories.

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  • Power Door Autoclaves

    with rectangular chamber and automatic doors
    230-700 litres

    Vertical powered door lifts and locks at the touch of a button.

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