Planned Preventative Maintenance Contracts

The Priorclave Preventative Maintenance Plan is designed to keep your autoclave in safe, efficient working order and to reduce the possibility of costly downtime.

The Maintenance Plan runs on a yearly basis and generally incorporates two scheduled service visits by a fully trained autoclave Service Engineer working from a well-equipped vehicle. The engineer will carry out a thorough service covering all aspects of the autoclave in accordance with a checklist detailing up to 54 specific points, making adjustments where necessary to ensure that a fully operational condition is maintained. The Tactrol microprocessor control system will also be upgraded as required, without charge, as new software becomes available.

If during the visit replacement parts are required for your autoclave, your approval will be sought before fitting takes place. The service engineer carries a price list so that costs may be established before work starts. All Priorclave parts fitted by our technicians, will be subject to a 15% discount on current list prices.

Your autoclave may also be upgraded with many post installation options, such as Tactrol printers or timed or pulsed freesteaming with no extra labour charges if fitted during a service visit.

For autoclaves within the warranty period then there is no charge for parts (please note that consumables such as silicone lid gaskets and wandering thermocouples; and damage resulting from external causes, e.g. accidents, spillage or the effects of a hard water supply, are not covered by the warranty).

At the end of the visit, a completed Maintenance Report and Service Checklist will be presented for your approval, with copies to be kept for your own records. This will prove invaluable if you have to comply with stringent Quality Assurance or Insurance regulations.

Benefits of the Priorclave Maintenance Plan

  • NO HIDDEN EXTRAS: The scheduled Priorclave Preventative visits are inclusive of all site time, mileage, and engineer travelling time
  • The quality and safety of Priorclave work is assured by our ISO9001 quality system, backed up by a 5 million Public Liability Insurance Policy
  • Service visits are carried out only by highly trained and dedicated engineers, fully experienced with Priorclave pressure vessels, closure assemblies, control systems and computer software
  • Priorclave operates a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory for your calibration and performance qualification requirements on autoclaves and most other laboratory thermal equipment
  • The Priorclave Preventative Maintenance Plan offers outstanding value for money, allowing you to obtain the absolute maximum from your investment from the moment the plan is implemented and for many years to come.
Map of Service Regions

Preventative Maintenance Plan Prices

The map on the right shows the areas covered by our Maintenance plan.

Zone A [white map areas]: £955.00/ year

Zone B [grey map areas]: £1,065.00 / year

These prices are for a plan including 2 visits per year - plans with more or fewer visits are available, as well as all-inclusive contracts. Discounts are available for multiple autoclaves at a single site. Please use the enquiry form or telephone for more details.